Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transformers Prime : Beast Hunters #8

Well, that's it for me, the run is over.  I talked to Mike Johnson a bit about what he thought should be on the cover, and I pretty much drew what he envisioned.

Of course, I wanted to hear from my editor, Carlos Guzman, so I did what Mike suggested, and few more thumbnails just to have some options if they wanted to market it a different way.  I talked it over with Carlos at SDCC, and I knew he was looking for a big impact cover, with multiple characters - he signed off on the original concept from Mike, so I got to drawing.

Here's that first set of thumbnail sketches:

And when Carlos signed off on the concept, on to the layout image, just about exactly Mike suggested in the first place:

I was asked to make sure Arcee's gun was not pointed at the viewer - I think that may have been the only comment back from Hasbro during the whole run.

That got approved, and so on to the final pencils/inks to get ready for color:

And then the final image: