Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BotCon 2013 - San Diego!

BotCon 2013 is this week!!!  And I'll be there in the Artist Alley, with all the usual goodies for sale, including a new batch of prints!

Brawn! DEVASTATOR! Cliffjumper! TFA Bumblebee and Rainbow Dash!

(Great Team-Up, or Greatest Team-Up?)

To go along with the old batch of prints, and more!  11"x17" full color glossy, for $20 each.  Also, I'll have a very limited amount of images postcard size; 4"x6" full color glossy, $5 each, or 5 for $20.

I have 3 volumes of Sketchbooks, and Volume III is new to BotCon:  Color Covers, B&W interiors, 20 pgs. $15 each.

Also, I'll be taking commissions at the con, starting at $75 for a grayscale single character bust+ - anything more, we'll talk about it at the con - here's an example:

There will be TONS of original art available as well, maybe you'll find the image you want, already drawn!  Feel free to browse the original art gallery on the Facebook page - most, if not all, is going to be at the table for sale, including art for the Transformers Prime comic series from IDW.  (I may even have a couple pieces from the upcoming Covenant of Primus...)

If you have comics you want signed, just stop by, and I'll scrawl out a K/C for you, no problem.

See you there!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Transformers Prime : Beast Hunters #5

Hold yer Energon, Grimmy!

The idea pitched by Carlos this time was to have Grimlock holding back a flood of Energon, bursting from it's underground river run.  Above is the thumbnail that won.

I had trouble finding the right...everything...on this one, I had it pictured finished in my head, but really had to turn to the computer to tweak nearly everything in the layout stage.

This is the original layout, that just didn't seem to capture the energy of the thumbnail, but rather than redraw it, I chopped it up in photoshop, and re-sized and rearranged everything, to both submit the layout for approval, and prepare for the next step, the line art.

With a better sense of proportions, and went ahead and took it to final line art, still tweaking as I went along, notably the hand position.

And that's #5!  This piece is available now, for $400 - contact ken@badflip.com, or find it, along with a ton of more original art and prints, in the Facebook galleries, on the Bad Flip Productions page.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Search for Solo

One more Star Wars.

When I was up in the Northwest for the Emerald City and Portland Conventions, I went to the Star Wars store, in Aberdeen WA - my birthtown.  Of course there would be a store devoted to the Saga.  Any how, I scored an old mini-rig in great condition, one of my all time favorite toys from childhood, called the INT-4.  It stuck in my craw that I might want to do a redesign to just update it a little, so let's call it an INT-5.

I finally got around to it, and why not, throw some character studies in there too, just for fun.  There's still not enough Chewbacca in the world...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Star Wars Fighter Pods, Wave 4 pt. 2

More Episode II characters.  To go with the canceled 3d re-release.  Anyways...

Captain Typho - only completists would even care about this character.

Jango Fett - with more blaster action, and no bathrobe!

Ki-Adi Mundi - I'm glad they tweaked the befuddlement post I gave him, and raised his hand up into a force push pose.

Plo Kloon - telling everyone in the arena to just chill out.

Mace Mutherf'in Windu - about to cut off some heads.

This is something a little different, more than just sketches for the Hailfire Droid.  Eric asked me to do tighter-than-usual turnaround views for this vehicle, as it was going to be larger, with more defined details.  I've still yet to see this in action, I hope the kids think it's fun to play with!

OK, that's it for Wave 4.  Your guess is as good as mine for when the next batch comes out!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Star Wars Fighter Pods, Wave 4 pt. 1

These have been out for months, apparently, but all I've ever seen are the blind packs.  Anyways, here's Ep. II Anakin - at the time we were trying to figure out if we wanted to double fist the sabers, or have a force push action.  Well, now I know how it turned out, two lightsabers it is!

A Geonesian Warrior - Looks like they dropped the wings, and gave him a more detailed spear.

Boba Fett's dad.  Wearing a Snuggie.  But two-fisting blasters to back up his couture choices.

Kit Fisto - one of the coolest looking Jedis in the Arena Battle.  Then he went out like a punk in the next movie.

Master Obi Wan Kenobi - originally drawn in an action pose, but it looks like the hand got tweaked to give him a force push in the final product.

R5-D4 - Finally, an OT character!  We made an attempt to tweak him a little to make it a little different than the R2's already out, but I think it was better to reel it back and give him a regular stance for the final product.

OK, later this week, more character sketch designs, and some control drawings for the Hailfire Droid.