Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Star Wars Fighter Pods, Wave 4 pt. 1

These have been out for months, apparently, but all I've ever seen are the blind packs.  Anyways, here's Ep. II Anakin - at the time we were trying to figure out if we wanted to double fist the sabers, or have a force push action.  Well, now I know how it turned out, two lightsabers it is!

A Geonesian Warrior - Looks like they dropped the wings, and gave him a more detailed spear.

Boba Fett's dad.  Wearing a Snuggie.  But two-fisting blasters to back up his couture choices.

Kit Fisto - one of the coolest looking Jedis in the Arena Battle.  Then he went out like a punk in the next movie.

Master Obi Wan Kenobi - originally drawn in an action pose, but it looks like the hand got tweaked to give him a force push in the final product.

R5-D4 - Finally, an OT character!  We made an attempt to tweak him a little to make it a little different than the R2's already out, but I think it was better to reel it back and give him a regular stance for the final product.

OK, later this week, more character sketch designs, and some control drawings for the Hailfire Droid.

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