Friday, June 14, 2013

Transformers Prime : Beast Hunters #5

Hold yer Energon, Grimmy!

The idea pitched by Carlos this time was to have Grimlock holding back a flood of Energon, bursting from it's underground river run.  Above is the thumbnail that won.

I had trouble finding the right...everything...on this one, I had it pictured finished in my head, but really had to turn to the computer to tweak nearly everything in the layout stage.

This is the original layout, that just didn't seem to capture the energy of the thumbnail, but rather than redraw it, I chopped it up in photoshop, and re-sized and rearranged everything, to both submit the layout for approval, and prepare for the next step, the line art.

With a better sense of proportions, and went ahead and took it to final line art, still tweaking as I went along, notably the hand position.

And that's #5!  This piece is available now, for $400 - contact, or find it, along with a ton of more original art and prints, in the Facebook galleries, on the Bad Flip Productions page.

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