Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pirates pt. 6 - Gameplay02

And here is the last of the pitch...an example of a level beat. In this case it's Jack's escape from the port, showing some puzzle aspects and character abilities. In the course of the story, Jack gets trapped at the top of an embattlement, uses the cannon as a harpoon gun, and fires a rope to the dock cranes, slides down the the swings, and sails off into the sunset. Or the next stage in the level.

So that was it. The Pirates game that never was. It was pitch meant to be a supplement to the games based on the sequels, and try to salvage themes from the first movie, much the way The Two Towers game did for the Lord of the Rings games. At least it was a starting point to develop a game engine and art direction for when we had enough content to add in the story lines and characters from the sequels. But no, everyone wants to start late.

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