Friday, December 12, 2008

Forklift Drone!

Dude...I am so happy to see this on today.

I was sooo disappointed that this character didn't get a figure last time around. He was my favorite drone of the seven I designed, all that's left is the Mixer Truck, and then all my drones will toys. And I tell you now, if they make my Triple Changer Shockwave, AND call him Shockwave, my head will explode with glee.

Now I realize these guys don't fit in the movie canon, but I started working on these guys long before the movie concepts were final, Hasbro was very happy with our submissions for approval, so we kept going. We started off with a little guy (Forklift) and medium guy, (Car/Swindle) and a bigger guy, (Truck/Dropkick). Hasbro liked them so they ordered more. You can see the evolution of the characters complexity beginning with Swindle, and ending with Shockwave, about the time the concepts from the movie were handed off to ILM, who continued refining the characters even more.

So, in the end, they didn't match, but I'm happy to say I'm working on the TF2 game, and this next set of game characters I've been working on should match up pretty well. And even I don't know what the toys who/what/look like at this point. So don't ask!

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