Friday, January 9, 2009

Hannah Montana Game? 04

So after I got back from break, and was the actual designer for the graphics style, here's another pass at the title screens for final.

There was a messenger feature that told Hannah where to go, what to do. It floated over the screen, that why it's not contained in a frame. Good back and forth between the designer and I to get the look.

There was a feature where you put the photos you took into a layout, pick pictures and place text headlines...

Here's a couple options for background design, the headlines are supposed to be...ironic.

Hannah dress-up level! Yay...the layout is correct, but I just threw in some of the icons I made for the clothes, so I'm not sure what all the spaces are supposed to contain. It was set up to be used for multiple elements, but I think this is the page that holds the most empty boxes just to define the maximum space that needed to be used.

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