Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Theme Park Review - Viking

Well, I'm getting back into a routine finally...we have nearly all of our boxes unpacked, but we still have a 'furniture jumble' going on in the living room.

I have a quick TPR job to do before I get back to finishing these Transformer images, but I can tell you some very interesting development has been going on regarding my TF work - I'm finally working my connections!

Now for TPR tours '09. The first is a tour of Scandinavia, and I get to do a Viking theme. Since I'm a Son of Norway, I'm very excited to do this one. These are the sketches and development for the image. Very fast, I only get about an hour or so to figure out composition and character design, it's a very tight budget for these. From these I'll tighten the composition and do a layout to take to the final line art...

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