Friday, June 5, 2009

Creature 01

I got some watercolor sticks to try out, sent to me from a great artist named Che Lopez, who I went to school with, who (in addition to all his other work) runs art classes at Daniel Smith up in the Seattle area -

I've been gearing up to do a Creature from the Black Lagoon piece, and since I just got these (and need a break from the digital stuff) I figured why not now?

Here's a couple of loose sketches with the watercolor over top. On the right, I'm just trying to get a feel with blending and adding multiple colors, and on the left I want to see what I can do to work over top the paint with some colored pencils.

Here's a more properly set up drawing to paint over, still in the testing phase, so nothing will be too tight at this point.

All right, off to do a bit of painting...!

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Sidekicks Gym said...

Very nice, their very versatile. Try painting right off the stick with a wet brush. Can't wait to see more.