Monday, March 15, 2010

Cap/Wolvie Final!

Done! Wow...I have not had a piece in progress for this long since college. So I sat down to go over the first pass of pencils, and really let loose - I thought it was looking too tight and losing a lot of energy, so I held the pencils in different ways, and used the side of the lead, scribbled, etc. When I felt I got some life back into it, I sprayed highlights, and deepened the blacks, and then went crazy with the spatter.

And then called it done. I'm happy with this one in technical terms, the red white and blue of Cap doesn't overpower the mono-green of Wolverine - I'm pretty pleased with that aspect. I'm finding that I really over render faces at this size, so I think I'm just going to do some additional testing, rather than do another full piece next.

Except for one I have on deck, a hard surface test...

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