Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rex & Cody Color

I threw a quick color down, and called it good.  I usually do the line 'ink' work on a separate layer, so I can control the color of the line, this time it was just a drawing, though.  (because I really didn't have the time!) I thought I'd go old school (for me at least) and just color on a multiply layer.  To get some of the more dynamic shading, I soft-edged brushed a goldy yellow, contrasted by a blue/purple in an overlay layer, and dropped the layer opacity down, until I thought it looked subtle enough.

For the shading and highlights, I had a layer at 40% opacity, with a very dark blue at 100% for the shadows, and another layer at 20% with a 100% white, with a touch of yellow for the highlights.

So five layers altogether, the background drawing, the color (multiply, 100%) , the color overlay (overlay, 15%), the shadows (normal, 40%), and the highlights (normal 20%).

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