Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Render - Wonder Woman

Ok, one of the things I need to work on is rough rendering, to me that means not a ton of selections and gradients, but more straight up Cintiq work, digital brush on digital canvas.  I still can't get satisfactory sketches with it just yet, so I still prefer to scan a drawing to start.  There's a mental shorthand for me with the real pencil image that I can't seem to translate digitally at this point, but I'm sure this process will get me there.

I did do a bit of Paths lines for the hard surface, the head band and chest plate, and the main parts of the hair, but everything else was hand sketched - blocked in with two tones, a 40% gray backing with a 65% or so for the darks, and black for the details of the eyes, nose, lips, etc.  The I used the smudge tool to create the rough gradients, then went back and did blocks of light gray for the highlights, and of course brought back the smudge tool to blend it together.  After that, I went back with black and white at low opacity to do the punch-ups, and smudged around where needed.

After I was happy with the grays, I cooked up my usual recipe for coloring over gray, a main Overlay Layer for the colors, and some more for highlights and other color blends.

And that's that.  I'm fairly happy with the process, although the technique needs more work - post the three I did, still Bats and Supes to come - I was more concerned with speed and working on organic subjects.  The time limit was four hours from start to finish, and I easily hit that, so that's a positive.  I wish I spent more time on the drawing, by adding more personality, but as that wasn't my focus, I kind of let that fall by the wayside.

Since doing the three, I'm working on a culmination of what I've learned, and I've made sure to add more personality and flair into it!

Alright, next week for The Batman, and Supa-Supaman...

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