Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Destro and the Baroness 01

At the prom.

I don't nearly do enough GI Joe, personally and professionally, I think.  I have tons of figures and vehicles from the last few years, the 25th anniversary line really pulled me back in.  Anybody seen the upcoming revamped Sky Striker?  So I decided to finally delve into the property on my own, after doing a very little bit of work on it for Hasbro from time to time.

Two things I wanted to address with this one, chrome, and explore a new rendering technique for armor.  A lot of my armors come out a little disjointed, because I render it out piece by piece - a technique formed and now hampered by doing Transformers so much - so I wanted to try to come up with another way to approach it.

And chrome is tough.  I did a character a few months back that had a lot of chrome, and I wasn't happy with it, I just didn't have enough time to develop it, but chrome is something that comes up again and again, and while I think I have a great handle on it to do pipes and other geometric shapes, doing a chrome over an organic shape is something else entirely.

So those are the learning goals, along with trying to make an awesome Joe piece...!

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