Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thor 2.2

...and here's the final painting!  I think I like this one better than the digital one - I know I had more fun making it on the drafting table, rather than behind a computer.  There are still some things that I achieve digitally that I can't yet duplicate with paint, but I'm getting closer, a lot more than when I re-started painting, 18 months ago.

Here's a detail shot of the mighty Thor.  I put a swirl emanating from the Hammer with the gesso prep, to give the power focus from Mjolnir, spreading across the rest of the page.

All right, time to put this one away.  Got a lot of stuff coming up, but I may try to squeeze in the rest of the Avengers, got a hankerin' to do Cap knocking out a bunch of Ratzis, in anticipation of the movie...

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