Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dr. Strange 03

Final.  I'm really happy with this one, and pretty confident in it, for my next Marvel submission.  I spent probably an additional day working on it, about four days total, (the last batch was averaging three days for the painting) and really put time into the pencils in the prep drawing, and in the color pencil details.

And with this one I tried to push my technique for color/light sources, using the green glow for the lighting, and a purple/magenta (hot pink!) back light highlight.  I'm still a little weak on my cape draperies, I think I need to set aside some time to do some studies, before I tackle another caped character.

This is where I left it last night; this morning I looked at it with fresh eyes, and decided to try some lens flares on the skull, and the hottest part of the spell letters.  So this is another thing I need to do, if time permits, is let the final sit for a day, and then come back and see if I can add to it any more.  There's no deadline for this, so I took the opportunity to let it sit for awhile.

I think I forgot to show the thumbnail sketches - I really struggled with finding the pose, until I decided to zoom the camera in a bit, and then I found the framing that looked pretty good, and then worked on tweaking the pose to make it a little more engaging, per my talk with Marvel at SDCC.

All right, one more to do, next up is 'Apocalypse and the Summers Boys...'

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