Friday, July 27, 2012

Next Epic - Superman I&II

All right, more Superman.  This is, after all, a hero kind of summer.  Here's the comp for the next big painting.  I decided to stop doing this comps on gray paper with a value drawing, and just skipped ahead to the color comp.  So this will be the underdrawing for that, and I'll do comp colors digitally.  I'm glad I did do this comp - in setting it up I missed a couple of composition issues that I'll fix in the next stage, but seemed pretty apparent as I did the work of actually drawing everything out.  I might shift everything up slightly, and lower Non's (upper left) face to be lower than Zod's, in line with Ursa.

The theme of this piece is Rescue, Superman coming to save Metropolis from the coming invasion, protecting his loved ones, and even the fools that can't seem to get out of their own way.

So this is early preproduction for this one, but you might be wondering where all the other ones are, Predator, Sleeping Beauty - Facebook followers got treated to a preview of the about-half-finished Road Warrior painting, with a close up of Dog.

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