Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Star Wars Fighter Pods 05

OK, here's some contributions to Wave 3!  This will be a single post, as Wave 3 seems to be a little lighter in the 'new' department.  Got enough hologram figures?  Me too.  Though there are some that I love, like the blue hologram Leia - that's just about perfect.

OK, on to the show, let's start off with pilots, shall we? 

Action Pilot Luke, sans helmet.  And I tell you what, that looks to be a Hoth flight suit in the drawing, so maybe he'll come around again with the right paint job.  Which, for you non-Hyper Star Wars Nerds, that's a light gray color to the boots and gloves.

Mr. Wedge Antilles - For whatever reason, I was assigned a whole batch of pilots - I have no idea why, before all else, did Porkins get the first release.  No matter, now the gang is all here...

Biggs - Apparently the coolest guy around.  Until Luke meets Han, and is shown what cool really is, outside of Podunksville.  And then he dies.

Jawa with Zapper - And that's all the it - there's around 20 or so characters that I just had time to break the pose and kind of clean it up.  Here's one of them, hunting R2 units on the sands of Tatooine.

Biker Scout - in a 'KILL THAT EWOK...NO, THE OTHER EWOK' pose.  Another one shot design.

Super Battle Droid - Some poses for essentially the same model.  Not really sure on what happened, the product seems to have lost a little bit of the style.  This may have been a revise on my part though, and the team went with the original design.

Grand Moff Tarkin - every kid's favorite character.  But as an adult nerd it's pretty awesome the have action figures of this character.  He was from Wave 2 by the way - and I much prefer Eric Siebenaler's contemplation re-pose.

Yoda - Another one from a previous wave I forgot I worked on.  I think I was so excited about the poses we were able to pull off for Wave 4, I forgot about this classically posed Yoda.  Get that flight suit Luke repainted, and kids can recreate the scene on Dagobah, where Luke threatens Yoda with a such a crude weapon as a blaster!

Naboo Starfighter - they never just seem fat enough, do they?  I like the cute factor in the drawings better, but the product is probably a little more accurate to the film version, and the Fighter Pod style.  This was one of the first assignments I had for Fighter Pods.

All right, that's Wave 3 from me on Fighter Pods!


Caitlin said...

I don't know if its due to production but those sculpts don't seem to doing you designs justice

Ken Christiansen said...

Thanks, that's very nice to say. Well, I'm surprised they come out as nice as they do. The resin prototypes for tooling look a lot sharper, I think it's the best they can do with the production material.