Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transformers Prime : Beast Hunters #1

Since the TFP : Rage of the Dinbots cover, I've been wanting to do some flamethrower action for ol' Grimlock.  It just didn't fit in the composition of that cover, but when the specs for this cover came in, I thought I'd have a chance to make it happen!

Here is the initial layout sketch, the idea pitched to me as Grimlock bursting out of the ground, in a hail of destruction and fury.  It also gave me chance to slightly Prime-erize the underside of the bot mode, to slightly bridge the gap from the Prime style, to the Fall of Cybertron model this is based on.

And finally, the pencil and ink clean up drawing, to take to color!

Soon, the original art will be posted for sale in the Facebook Original Art Gallery page!

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