Friday, August 24, 2007

The right one is fake!

Here's the final image using the copic markers. What did I learn? Don't cut so deep when making masks, and don't use black unless you really mean it. Over all I'm really happy with it, and in real life it's a nice bright and contrast-y image. In digital life, you see everything close up. So I removed the cut lines, toned down the blacks, and brought out some highlights. From two feet away you don't see any of it, zoomed in on the computer, you see tons of accidents. It's been deemed site-worthy, but it needed a little digital cleanup before I use it to represent myself.

We'll keep this little secret between us, won't we?

On the next for-real test, person (no mask!) with a background; I'm thinking it's going to be Spock. I've never in my life made a Star Trek picture, so why not?

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