Friday, January 11, 2008

Transformer 01

Every now and again I get asked how I designed the Transformers for the movie video game, and now that the time to get started on the sequel is coming up; I need to remind myself. I've been wanting to turn my car, a 1971 Mach I, into a transformer, and put it in an action pose.

I loved doing the designs, but the was never any time to do a fully rendered action shot, they were all turnaround exposed poses to send into production - cool looking, but a little lifeless. Plus they all had little twists here and there, to show details that might not be visible with the 'lens' I was using.

Here is the first set of sketches, I'm going to Vegas for four days, but I'll be thinking about the details, and post a second set of sketches when I get back. The little guy in the bottom middle is the pose, and the head might be some sort of bastardized Boba Fett helmet, by the way.

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