Monday, February 16, 2009

Jazz 02

Here are some head sketches for the Jazz revision, and a couple of winners down below.
I like this one, although is doesn't subscribe to the original intent of the looking right at the viewer, but I like the body language it provides...
...and here's the looking right 'atcha version.

I can't decide, people. I'm dropping off the grid for about a week to move house and studio, so I won't be posting any new work. Anybody who wants to leave comment for a preference, I'll open it to a vote and announce the winner next week.

Look Front vs. Look Side - who will win?!?

And a side note, Toy Fair is happening right now, and I still haven't seen any new vid-game figs other than the forklift from the old game. It's a bummer, but I see there's some missing RotF characters as well, so I'm guessing Hasbro is holding back until the 5/30 release for the toys?

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