Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going back to Oz - Doorman 02

And here's the paints for the Doorman.  It really paid off in the green areas, the under drawing with the dark green maintained a really saturated color.  Two paints were used, a mix of a light green, then I added some blue and a tiny tiny tiny bit of black to get the dark green.

Unfortunately, while the greens paid off, the dark brown in the face did not - I should have used blacks to pencil in the figure.  The colors blended a little TOO well, and I lost some of the feature details.  I certainly happy with the paint colors I mixed, but for the final, I'll stick with the 8B pencil.

Final!  Again, happy with the colors, but I lost some likeness around the eyes and the mouth, the paint covered up what was too lightly drawing in.  Oh well, something take in the final.  All the of colors are chosen though, so mission accomplished!


Marcos Mateu said...

Meticulous work here! nice poster illustration style

Ken Christiansen said...

Muchas gracias!