Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Transformers Prime : Beast Hunters #2

John Barber was pretty specific with this one - he wanted to see the Dinobots lined up in a cave, with a burst of fire behind them.

I give you that image.  I think it suffers a little as a stand alone piece, but I really liked how it turned out with the IDW cover and logo treatment.

Here's the layout for it, pretty straight-forward.  This one came together pretty fast, the only things I could really fool around with were the angles, and again, trying to fit it into something that works as a cover, you have to accommodate the graphics.  So a straight on shot worked best, having to find a place for Swoop off the ground, and be able to show the flames in the background.

And here is the pencil and ink clean up drawing, to take to final color.

The original art is now posted for sale in the Facebook Original Art Gallery page!

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