Thursday, May 8, 2008


And the rush is on.

Here's Goofy and Pluto, who needed a lot more design work, but time was ticking. All these character had their own tribal themes to their regions, Mickey had that whip, and kind of a string/rope/know motif, his was a fishing and farming village. Minnie had the blade, she lived on sharp cliffs/canyons. Daisy had a wind motif, with the fans, Donald was a water based guy of course, treasure hunters that used their arm armor to weigh them down while searching the depths. Goofy was a plains dweller, he used his sticks to move across the plains from point to point, avoiding hidden predators. And Pluto was part of a cave wolfpack tribe. So that's the rough ideas about where these characters came from.


A small boy fishing by the riverside discovers a small emblem that changes the face of his reality. The world, nearly destroyed by the tyranny of the Emperor, is barely hanging on to the vestiges of humanity, despair hangs from the face of every man, woman, and child, hope is gone from nearly every soul. The child, suspecting what he has found, takes the emblem to the center of what was once a village, then a city, and now a village once again, and to the statue of what was once the greatest mythic hero the world had ever known. Placing it into a conspicuously empty space on the statue, he steps back quickly, only to see nothing at all. Dejected, the last shred of hope gone from his young heart, he walks home to his meager shelter.

That night a great storm erupts, lightning crashes, and the statue is alive, once again. The hero returns to a world very much different from the one he remembers. He sets on a quest to rejoin the others in the Guardians, and solve the mystery as to why the world has fallen on such dark times. He seeks out the boy who resurrected him, and is told what the villagers know of this dark world. A dark and vicious warrior has declared himself Emperor, and has dispatched his minions throughout the land. Fueled by chaos and cruelty, these darkly magic henchmen are a terror to humanity. The outlying areas are the least unaffected, but the disease is spreading, more henchman come, soon the outer lands will be overrun as well. He promises the boy, and the rest of the villagers that things will be put right, he is no myth, and the Guardians will fight for good once more.

The hero knows what he must do, his mission is to awaken the other Guardians, and again cleanse the world of all evils…

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