Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Too. Damn. Busy.

I can not wait until 6/14, the first day in a two week vacation. I am getting my ass kicked by work right now! Three projects on my plate - but better to complain about work than complain about no work...but man. This kid is getting sleepy.

Here's another Theme Park Review (.com) t-shirt design I did, the first of a few I'm doing for their 2008 trips. They get a gang together and tour a region of roller coaster amusement sites all around the world, with the homebase up near Magic Mountain.

So far I've done a Midwest Tour, a Spain Tour, and a Japan Tour for 2007 - this is for a trip to Europe. Later this summer I 'll be doing one for an East Coast trip. Then another one after that!

This is actually new, but still not one of the three killer projects I have going...sleepy...


MarisKC said...

I want a cornish pasty! YUM!

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