Friday, May 29, 2009


Getting ready for Botcon tomorrow, here's a few more screenshots from the upcoming Revenge of the Fallen game.

This is a police car character I designed, Car #56 - my high school football number! Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out the official names for all these guys.

This is an F-18 Seeker character, the design I turned just had him painted the plain Navy gray, but we were trying to get Seeker colors, looks like Luxoflux - the developer - came through with this one painted purple and black to look like Skywarp.

And another of my characters turned to plastic, the little forklift guy from the first game gets released to the toy aisles tomorrow - go out and get him!

All right folks, wish me luck, I have meetings with IDW and Hasbro tomorrow to get more Transformers work!

Go to to see more screenshots and videos for the game!

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J J Constantine said...

I found this blog when i searched "us navy gunship" in images and found one of your illustrations... these types of things fascinate me, and I LOVE your art! I have always been interested in futuristic ships/robots... the nerd in me that will never go away ;)