Monday, May 4, 2009

Concept Art - APC 01

Still have some down time. Which has went from much needed to a little uncomfortable. But I continue to work!
Need to punch up the portfolio some more, with non-specific designs. Maybe I'm inspired by the new Terminator movie coming out, disappointed by the crappy looking GI Joe movie, bored with doing 'real' vehicles? I have a hankerin' to do some vehicle designs...I'll start off with an APC, the idea being it's an advanced design of the Striker.

I'll do an air strike vehicle, and something like a motorcyle scout type vehicle as well, but since the APC is bulkier than either of those, I start with this to define the design sensiblilty, and carry it over into the other ones...

This is how I usually start the process, a ton of little sketches to get started. Mostly to find form and basic construction/detail. I have a tendency to sketch a little cartoony- so as I refine, the idea will get more sleeker and fit into a more real world context. I hope...

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