Friday, December 18, 2009

TF1 - Character Repaints

I thought I would finish off with something special, though it's barely my art at all! And yet how liberating it was...

To go with the Target Robo-Vision images I had created, the toys were going to be re-released with G1 repaints, and I got to supply the images. That meant painting out those dumbass flames on Prime! This was a paint-over on a marketing image, I knocked out the flames, and added the emblems and forearm graphics, and added blue or red paint where needed.

There were no marketing images yet for Jazz, so I painted over the productions' concept art, I think this was done by Ben Proctor. I just lightened the gray, and added all the Jazz graphics - and now he makes a nice vermouth.

And this design was STILL not finalized when I got the assignment, so I did the paint-over on Feng Zhu's concept art of Screamer.

And that's it, other than some incredibly boring minutia, like menu screens and half finished sketches, that about wraps up my work on Transformers : the Game.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for all the work you did on the two Transformer games! I enjoyed both a lot thanks to your wonderful designs.