Thursday, December 3, 2009

TF1 - Storyboards, Tranquility 02 Outro

And here is the outro sequence of boards for the post-Shockwave Boss Battle. Oh, it pained me to draw that gaping hole in his chest, like I killed my baby or something...looked cool though.

I love that Optimus line that Flint and John wrote, it conveys the true character of Prime so well. I was pretty off-put by the basic 'assassination' Prime did on the Shanghai Decept Demolishor in TF2 - it was way off character.

This hand frame is a consolidation of the following four frames, just in case they didn't have the time to animate all the cuts. Which, it turned out, was the case with most of these...

This was meant to be a crane shot, lifting up and over as the Autobots drove off. I know I added the text for the direction and the GO TO GAMEPLAY tag, that file must be lost in the digital realm somewhere...

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