Friday, January 15, 2010

Captain America 02

I'm kind of tearing through this one...I get a little ahead of myself and forget to scan at every milestone, so in this one I've already drawn over the 2H pencil layout with the 8B graphite. I get more color into the face by drawing in some of the tone with colored pencils, in this case, beige and burnt sienna, color - but very dark, still.

I changed up the mission into two pieces...this one is exploring portraiture, and I think I'll do a bit more of an action scene with that leaping Cap from the previous posts' sketches. And why not, throw a Wolverine in there?

Here's the photo reference - I had to throw it up here, because it's so ridiculous, my wife took a look at this printed out, 'Is that your PAINTING?!?!''s just the set-up. It's a heavily photo-shopped image of Damon's Bourne, with the shield from my Universe figure, and Wacom sketched chainmail and head/mask and wings.

So you can see when it gets transferred to a drawing, all that Frankenstein-ing comes together. Well, I think so anyways...

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