Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Captain America Final

So here it is, and again, the scan does it no justice. I tried to bring up the saturation to match the real version, but it started to pull out some of the overspray bits too much as well, making it look a little, the real one looks better, but...

...while I'm happy with the red, white and blue colors, the flesh tones came out a little undersaturated, so that's a lesson learned. Next time I'll over saturate, and then bring it down with the pencils. I'm also happy with the chrome wings, but the shield never came together, at least in the way I'm used to, in a smaller format using templates. And the red color transition got lost in the highlight - I was really happy with the flow of cool red, to warm red, and that got all covered with the white.

Overall, I give it a B; it's not going to make it into the portfolio, but I learned a lot, and that was the point of this one. Maybe when/if the sun comes out, I'll take a proper photo of it to post?

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