Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Epic Mickey comes out today, here's some OLD art that was inspired by the project that was going on back in my Disney Interactive days.  I'd say these sketches were done in the middle of 2004.

Even if the game turns out to be not so epic, getting it made sure took forever...


Dennis Cornetta said...

What are your thoughts on the game? I've yet to read any reviews on it, but from word of mouth is seems people were REALLY excited for it.

Great sketches :D

Ken Christiansen said...

I played it at E3, and found it pretty standard. The problem with Disney Interactive, is that they have people come up with great ideas, who have to fight to get them past narrow-minded marketing execs and CFO's, and then when something finally gets approved, said CFO/CEO's try to make a deal out of it, and instead of creating a new engine to accomodate the idea, they hire (or in this case, buy) a developer that has a quasi-adaptable pre-existing engine, and try to cram the concept into the engine - and every time it comes out the same way - far less than it could have been.

Tron 2.0, Nightmare Before Christmas, even this new Tron (legacy) game, all suffer from lack of innovation despite the in-house's best efforts.