Monday, November 29, 2010

Who watched Transformers : Prime on Friday!?!

Good times.

OK, Transfans.  I know I teased that I would post concepts that Hasbro, Inc. hired me to come up with the provide inspiration for the show.  And a couple weeks ago, knowing the premiere was coming up, I submitted a list of characters for release; the ones that I did work on, and that I had seen final images released either on Hub World or in the teasers, from Hasbro Studios; the actual production team, with character designer Jose Lopez.

All denied release.

Sorry folks.   None sorrier than myself, I've been waiting to add those images to my portfolio for over a year, but I guess for now they remain in the archives.  It was framed to me that those images may be possibly used for additional inspiration for other/future projects, and need to be remain unpublished, or if they ever decide to do a 'Making of', or another bitchin' Ark type book from Forster/Sorenson, based around Transformers : Prime - any way they want to do it, Hasbro, Inc. wants to be the one to first release those images, or not at all.  Hopefully some of that work will come out sooner than later, though I have NO IDEA how or when...


FFN said...

Of art books, I think our only hope world be, as you said, an Ark type book or a Prime Almanac, like the Allspark Almanac for the Animated series.

Last year there was going to be a live-action movie art book detailing the art of the first two movies, but it was mysteriously canceled shortly before release.

Ken Christiansen said...

I remember, and I asked Hasbro about it, and never got an answer...maybe some of the same issues came up during proofing?

Anonymous said...

That's a shame. Hopefully we can see more TF: Prime designs (even if they're fan art) from you.