Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dr. Strange 01

This is now more in the realm of what I discussed with the Marvel editor - adding some tweaks to the concepts' execution.  As a concept artist by trade, I constantly have to show as much as I can in a character design, and that results in some very standard poses...with DrS, I wanted to push the 'lens' and try to get a more forced (semi-fisheye?) perspective, along with the other things I try incorporate for my education in all of these pieces.  In this case, glow-y, swirly runes emanating from a glowing magic skull, manifested by DrS's powers.

I also wanted to push my colors a bit, and work with non-traditional light sources - in this case, I want Strange to be lit by the glow of his magic.  So this color comp will act as my rough guide to when I start mixing colors...

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