Friday, August 19, 2011

White Queen 02

This is the transfer drawing prep for the painting - I brought back the technique from Oz, where I drew in the skin areas with a colored pencil, rather than a black tone, to hopefully blend in the colors with a much softer final look.

I did a lot of matte cuts for this one, and it came out pretty well - EXCEPT, there was some bleed from the fabric color.  I got a little worried about it, but I figured I could just draw over the bleed with the pencil and paint, and hopefully cover it up pretty painlessly.  I also worked the background a little more, I thought that it wasn't very dynamic, though geometric, so I broke up the large planes with smaller areas, to kind of combine the theme of diamonds and ice.

This is the post paint and pencil pass.  Now all that's left is the punch ups, and adding in some diamond skin transformation, and a final balance pass, to bring up the colors, contrast, etc.  That's for the next post...

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