Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Combat Crew Rough Renders 04

On to a bad guy - I started out digitally sketching, but I abandoned this one, as it was becoming stagnant really quickly to me, so I scrapped it and moved on to a new sketch...

I liked some of the elements, but I kind of trapped myself into a pose that wasn't quite aggressive enough for me.  I also wasn't seeing a cohesive flow to the design either, despite liking the helmet, etc.  Scrapped, moving on...

I was running out of time quick, trying to find a starting point, so I found the pose and cherry picked elements I liked from the previous sketches.

Here's a detail pass, getting it ready to drop in some color and get at least one more detail pass before time was up.

And finally, I splashed some color details over top, with an additional detail pass.  And then time was up, so he's done.

But he looks sufficiently mean enough to fight our good guys, right?

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