Monday, February 27, 2012

The Next Epic - Sleeping Beauty

This is a departure of sorts, from the expected nature of this long term project - among the 15-20 titles I want to paint for the eventual show, there are a couple of animated features on the list.

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie.  While not as artistically influential on me as Robin Hood or the Lion King, the style of Eyvind Earle captures my imagination every time I see his work.  As in 'I could never do that as an artist' type of feeling, along with Mary Blair, and a few other Disney visionaries.  But after saying that, I avoid his beautiful background work, and focus on the characters, because if anything competed with Darth Vader's role as the scariest villian to me as a kid, it was the lady in black that could turn into a dragon.  Holy smokes.

Since it was a movie full of dark scenes, I wanted to go for the darkest moment in the film, at the tipping point between good and light, where it seems all may be lost.  So expect lots of warm grays, greens, and black upon black, surrounding our good Fairies, watching over the sleeping Briar Rose...

Next, a color comp of Maleficent...

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Anonymous said...

DUDE!!! That is EPIC!!!