Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is a rough render, keeping in with the Sleeping Beauty theme for the week.  This is a render test of sorts, for the final painting.  And although it's a digital version, the crossover of my digital and traditional work is getting tighter and tighter, so it shouldn't be a problem when I get going on the full size painting.  I wanted to get an idea on how I wanted to approach giving form to what is portrayed as a flat color image.  The final needs to have a lot more depth than even the film.  And while that's not a new concept in this day and age to portray a feature animation like that, but it's really not something I've attempted before.  All right, let's get to it...

So here's the pencil, done before the overall image, with the idea that it might fit into what I had in mind; it didn't work out., but I did use the crow and scepter.  OK, pencils, that's the easy part, now on to the render.

Starting off with the flat color fill - I have my base colors set, time to begin the painting aspects up.

Initial render pass, with the secondary and tertiary color passes.

One more render pass, then shadows and highlights.

I think I have the hang of it for the real painting.  And I think with the textures and the media mix will really make this a cool piece, something that will take it past what I can do with a quick digital image.

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