Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EU Trooper 04 - Final!

Done.  And I'm pretty happy with what I achieved in terms of goals for this one.  I do think the canyon walls are a little weak - I think I need to do some environment practice again - but the character (and around him) work was the main focus, and putting in the extra time for small details.  Getting to the point where I usually stop, I went back and added more nicks and scrapes, rough-edged the fabrics on the wraps, and did another overall detail pass.  I also spent a lot of time with the foreground rocks, using a brush to create general blobs, and then going over it again and again with detail passes.  I like the technique I learned from it, but I think there are areas that are a little too busy.

I also tried to push the color a little more than usual, notably bringing in the blue tints up in the sky, and working with an alternate shade color, with a low saturated purple, rather than just darker oranges.  And, for the first time probably since the 90's, I used a lens flare for a little punch up.  I think I got away with it.

Above, those a technique nitpicks, but overall I really like this piece, and it certainly bridges the gap between what I taught myself in 2012, and my goals for 2013.  Looking forward to the next one...

I'll add in the others, so readers can scroll through the step by step - I think it's super fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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