Friday, November 30, 2012

The Road Warrior

Alright, until I get this properly photographed, this will have to do.  It's a giant, 30" across, 40" tall.  I'll give some making of shots, with a few close-ups, until I get a real pic of this thing.

Here it is after the underdrawing and blacks were completed.  This time I went back in with some white to bring back in the sun glare.

This has most of the warm colors painted, skin tones and costumes...

...and the the full color.  This was achieved both with the airbrush, and a large brush, used to create the yellowish orange wash coverage.

This is the first pass of colored pencils on top of the paint.  Everything is covered and detailed, and at this point it's really a matter of finding balance, going back and forth with paint, pencils, and airbrush to get to the final at the top of the post.

This is a pre-final pic of the Gyro Captain, painted and penciled, but still unbalanced.

Same with Max's best friend here.

So there you have it, bad photo and all.  On to Superman...

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