Friday, April 25, 2008

Pirates pt. 4 - Weapons.

Except for a bigass crossbow, and other real world weapons, like swords and daggers, we had now useless supernatural weapons as well. Jack could snipe some fool with the crossbow for a ranged weapon, and go to his sword for close combat, or...

He could use an Aztec coin for limited invincibility, which, in the original PotC script, he had all along, and wasn't revealed until he was stabbed by Barbossa in the final battle. Which was a cool idea that got left out, I assume to play up the urgency of the final piece being with Will.

There was also a Cursed Dagger, which when thrown would go through all enemies AND friends, the conceit being it wasn't a kill all without consequences, and you either had to have enough health to take the hit, or perform a simple combo to catch/recall it in flight.

Also Vorpal Swords having the same dangers of killing all, if you put your hands on the hilt, the sculpted hands would clamp down and start swing until all are dead!

But Captain Blood said no supernatural!

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