Monday, April 26, 2010

Hoth Leia Portrait 01

All right, one more round of paint tests before I get really serious. I still need to work on portraits, and with the less than overwhelming Han and Leia piece, I go back to Star Wars for inspiration.

And again I wanted to just do a drawing to get familiar with the details before starting the final, this is just a black Col-Erase layout pencil on some drawing paper.

I went back to a gray primer, (instead of the warmer primer I did for the H&L test) but I think it got a little too dark. As I'm quartering of the page for four tests, they might suffer a little due to the darkness, but maybe I can turn that into an advantage? Anyway, the size of these is around 5 inches high.

Instead of just using the dark HB pencil, I'm using some prismacolor pencils to define the form of the face and hair - browns, oranges, yellows and reds, and other areas I want a bit more softer, like her white Hoth outfit: I'm using browns and warm grays for that.

Just a touch of black paint for the really dark parts, and a bit of texturing, it's finally ready for some airbrush paint...

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