Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunstreaker Print 01

Remember this...kinda?  It's the Sunstreaker sketch from the 2011 BotCon sketchbook, with Iron Man and 3PO, arguing over who was the shiniest.  It turned out to be a pretty popular piece, I sold the original, the layout drawing, and did a bunch of Sunstreaker head sketches.  So, I thought maybe I should include him in the 2012 print set - and he got called up to the next level.

Here's the raw render, with all the forms and details defined.  I still used the G1 Cartoon model sheet as the primary source material, but I beefed him up a little to match the others I've done so far, and brought in some minor figure details from the original toy.  Now he's ready for the color...

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