Monday, January 4, 2010

Kanyon Kountry Killer Kitties

Here's a quick post...I made a T-shirt for one of my wife's Xmas gifts, a fictional derby team for her to be the captain of. She loves skating and wants to get into derby, so I did this as kind of a novelty to get her excited about it. Of course, at a party last weekend, she got a bunch of girls riled up to form a team, and they're going skating this weekend to start practicing.

I believe a monster has been unleashed.

Back to the art, the cat logo on front, numbers on the back of the shirt, a short sleeve red-matching ringer Tee.

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Anonymous said...


can you sketch out a design for my karting helmet? I have an idea for a design which is a shark design on the old p51 Mustang fighter planes. I just want to see how will you do the teeth, and especially the eyes. Thanx... Macky