Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boba Fett 02

Well, this is coming along nicely. I played around with the texturing technique a bit more. I really diluted the black paint, so it turned into this watery gray, making it so it didn't overpower the blacks in the blending. Then I really took care to do the wet overspray, again with very light paint sprayed over water drops, then blotted with a paper towel. I spent a lot of time on that, to get the weathered and beaten look of his costume.

The next step for this and the W/C image, is that since they're both going to be relatively backlit, I need to mask off the characters, and put white into the backgrounds, before bringing in the color. This is a sad lesson learned with that failed Sky Doll background, so it's kind of a guess to see if this approach works...

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