Friday, February 12, 2010

Sky Doll 05

Yeah...this calls for a re-do. Fortunately I have the original pencils intact to do another transfer to a new canvas.

Why do I give myself a Fail?

1) Color is absolutely muddy, and given the subject matter's tone, light and happy, warm colors were a must, not moody and dark.
2) No other colors were tested; I had the book in front of me that had lovely coloring which I ignored completely, so even though this is my version of Sky Doll, she is not accurately portrayed.
3) Wanted some sort of sky background is not enough reason to completely wing it, with doing a sun and non-cloudy looking clouds. I should have drawn in something to guide me at the very least.
4) Hard surfaces - no testing was done, and the wings, jet packs, and seat of no impact at all, they blend in with her too much...and they just came out bad. You can't tell the difference between her armor, the metal of the seat, the mechanical components, nothing.
5) A bunch of BS highlighting to cover all those mistakes. Fail.
6) A technical issue, the thick textural paint for the canvas was too thick, it turned out, and bubbled, so there's little holes along the thickest ridges.

I like the drawing so much, that's it's definitely getting a redo, but I'm going to set it aside for a couple weeks to get some distance.

I promise to be back next week with something good!

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