Thursday, April 29, 2010

Endor Leia Portrait 02

Damn me and this too dark canvas prime! Again the pencils and paint mixed well, but the darkness of the prime just kills the saturation. And I'll bitch about it again in the other Leia's coming up, I'm sure...

So despite the darkness/desaturation, I managed to pull some life out of it with the pencils, and I like how the cast shadow mixes with the roll shadow around her eyes, and around the chin strap. That was the main thrust to do this particular image, so I think it was lesson well learned.

With just a bit a dark brown airbrush to smooth out the darks a bit, and a couple spots with white...done! I'll give it a B, with marks off for the dark primer, and I missed an opportunity to add some texture to the leather with that water reduction technique - that wasn't the point of the exercise, but I should have done it to the very least, it would have made it more dynamic, I think.

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