Monday, July 12, 2010

Going on Vacation...

...for a few weeks...but let me leave you with these bits of BADASSERY!

First off, the DLC G1 Starscream from the Revenge of the Fallen.  He came out pretty great, I loved him in the game, and was proud enough of the design to do a little poster, and then use him again for the TF:Continuum could he get cooler?

Here's how:

Print him out, like a paper cut-out? That is pretty cool.

OK, whoa.  He stands up in robot mode too...?

Because he TRANSFORMS!?!  So somebody made his kid's birthday invites out of Starscream, that actually transforms from jet to bot, revealing all the invite info.  AMAZING!  Awesome dad, awesome kid, hope he has an awesome birthday!

And then last night I get this email...

WhattheF!?!  My Soundwave SKETCH got tattooed on someone's arm!?!  At first, I was all...'but I did a full color final for that'...I have to say though, it's looks pretty cool - and as tough as nails.  I'd like to think that the guy who chooses the rough sketch over the color final, is the same kinda guy that chooses a tin can lid for shaving over any of those pussy-ass Gillette comfort razors.

I'm not really into the habit of posting other people's work on my art blog, (even if it's based on my own!) so you guys who sent me this, please take credit and post in the comments section.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for showing me this stuff...I really don't have the vocabulary, other than AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!

Back at the end of July, folks.  Miss you already...

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