Monday, August 2, 2010

Rumble & Frenzy 01

...aaaaaaaaannnd I'm back!  That was a loooong time away for this blog, that's for sure!  Was out of town for two weeks, and last week I was putting my house back together, mowing the lawn, finding new homes for all the SDCC widgets I got, and trying to learn a 3D program.

I've had an image of Rumble and Frenzy bouncing around my head for a long, ever since I did that Soundwave awhile back.  I did versions of Laserbeak and Ravage, but I felt I still needed to get all those deployable minions out of my system.  So, while on one of my flights, I doodled up this:

A couple of troublemakers.  So when I got home, knowing the plan was to tech demo with the little bit of time I still had off, I decided to do another detail pass at these guys, via an overlay drawing:

But not too detailed, as I decided I was going to build these guys up in 3D.  Something nice and blocky, to ease into it.  I got some details figured out, but left some things unfinished, or didn't even bother with going to the trouble of breaking out the circle templates, etc.

So armed with this image, my Rumble and Frenzy G1 figures, and the ever-trusty and invaluable Ark opened to their model sheet, I started to get to work...

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