Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bounty Hunters Painting 01

Remember this, from a year ago?

Well, I finally made a painting of it...here we go.

This is the drawing, with black acrylic paint to deepen the blacks, and set up the wash for the outer space background.

I masked off the figures, and created the soft light blend of space, with water blots sponged up with paper towels, and lots of soft airbrush, back and forth-ing between the black and purples, offset with a cream color.

This is the color pass with the airbrush - no masking - just blending the edges with overspray, with the plan being to tighten up the forms with the pencils.  (Sorry this is so blurry, didn't realize it until I had already started on the pencils.)

And so the pencils begin.  This about 50% done at this point, timewise; I see this as the halfway point, the drawing and paints are completed, but picking the colors and rendering with the pencils take a long time, and then there's the give and take between the paint and pencils in the final touch up phase, to be posted later in the week!

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